Conrad Praetzel
with Sukhawat Ali Khan and Robert Powell 

"With the release of 'Receive' and the wonder of Sukhawat Ali Khan's soaring voice added to the lush arrangements, Praetzel's new music will knock you off your feet."
~ Ben Kettlewell/Alternate Music Press

an East/West Blend of Spirit and Groove

1 Devi
2 I Am What I Am  
3 Tarana  
4 Ropes and Ladders 
sample mp3
5 Eternal Wife 
sample mp3
6 Ferryman
7 Jogan
8 Elder Days 
sample mp3
9 Fish That Walk On Land


Conrad Praetzel: sound design, sampling, keyboards and percussion
Sukhawat Ali Khan: vocals
Robert Powell: guitars, dobro, pedal steel, electric sitar   
Solomon Feldthouse: oud, ney flute
Sachiko Kanenobu: vocals

and featuring Prophet Omega's sermon on I Am What I Am


Lucinda Williams listed Receive as one of her favorite cds in Oprah Magazine (March 2005) and on


some quotes about Receive ....

"The album is a combination of spellbinding vocals and compelling percussion that compliment the more western instrumentation , together creating a unique hybrid of world influences, western tonalities, and irresistible electronic textures." 
Ben Kettlewell Alternate Music Press    

“Prophet Omega completists who tune in to hear his cameo will likely be charmed by the swirling East-meets-West concoctions.”
~Peter Melton/ Tower Pulse (selected as Indie 100 Fave)

“Sukhawat certainly has the real goods”      
~ Bob Tarte The Beat

"One of the more outstanding tracks in terms of spaghetti East-meets-West is "Ropes And Ladders," as electric and pedal steel guitar [Robert Powell] accent the whirring exotic beats and drifts acapella, *excellent*!" 
                 ~ Kim Alexander Last Sigh

ôReceive receives an 8.4 for excellence in craftsmanship and purity in emotion....these uplifting pieces truly do achieve their aspirations"
              ~ David J Opdyke  AmbiEntrance   May "99






Sukhawat Ali Khan





   Solomon Feldthouse



Prophet Omega sermon
"I Am What I Am"