Time and a Word   Winter '95/96
Review of EnTrance
  A subliminal soundtrack for the fleeting moments between night and day, EnTrance will strike a sure-fire chord in the musical minds of the most adventurous of New Age fans with it's zesty world-beat and ambient flavors.  The unique sound bears a resemblance to Middle Eastern or even indigenous European folk music while retaining a very high-tech aura of enchanting electronic music.  Conrad's talents on keyboards and percussion are expertly assisted by co-producer Robert Powell on dobro, pedal steel, and electric sitar, percussionist Armando El Mafufo, as well as former Kaleidoscope member, Solomon Feldthouse on oud, ney flute and flamenco guitar.  All in all, this remarkably diverse and eclectic instrumental set makes for an intensely rewarding and stylish recording.