NAPRA Review  New Year '96
Review of EnTrance


"Walking the Shadows" begins EnTrance with an engaging mixture of drone, flute, and a percolating percussion groove that seems to hit on everything....including the kitchen sink!  "River Truce" embarks on amazing textures: gamelan plunks, a happening bass, jaunty tambourine. Pygmy flutes, and Hawaiian guitar.  Exotic combinations proliferate: African drums back electronic tones, mixed with bagpipes: heartbeat, chant and blues guitar: Middle Eastern dumbek, birdlike chimes.  claps and string drones untold delights. The album is a feast for the ears.  Go with the grooves or enjoy dissecting the many layers.  Praetzel (Myths and Memories and Between Present and Past) plays keyboards and sampled percussion: many guest artists sit in on a variety of ethnic instruments.  

Highly recommended!