KEYBOARD   July '96
Review of EnTrance 

by Jim Aikin


No, Virginia: New age music doesn't have to be tame or flabby.  It can be quite stimulating, if you know what you're doing.  What you have to do‹ first, lay down the digital keyboard tracks with a light touch, avoiding obvious chord voicings in favor of suspensions and ambiguities, but never straying too far from the groove.  Add a few acoustic instrument tracks on dumbek, oud, and ney for the world music vibe. Play your sampled percussion sensitively, concentrating on shaker and bongo samples and steering away of the trap set (especially the deadly snare backbeat).  Do a little electronic sound design while you're at it‹ maybe a complex muted trill, or some choir sounds that LFO in and out of the mix in a polyrhythmic pulse.