Common Ground   Spring '97
Review of EnTrance 

by Lloyde Barde

Conrad Praetzel's eclectic gypsy band journeys through uncharted realms in search of the spiritual underground and a rediscovery of our rhythmic past.  His own take on the current ambient craze is a refreshing one, with world beat leanings and plenty of room for the other players to stretch and express themselves.  Robert Powell's work on pedal steel, dobro, sitar and guitars is especially effective; other contributors are Armando El Mafufo on dumbek, tambourine and shakers, and Solomon Feldthouse on oud, ney flute, violin and flamenco guitar.  Conrad leads the way with all manners of keyboards, percussion, guitars and mandolin, and the results are stunning and quite exotic, like an album turned loose in the global casbah, juicy, vibrant and fully alive.