Musical Archaeology

Under the name Clothesline Revival producer/arranger makes Conrad Praetzel (a favorite of Lucinda
Williams) and guitarist Robert Powell remarkable updates of historical roots music. Although to Moby popularized
this style of music with his album Play, Clothesline Revival at least such interesting music
deliver, whereas theirs remains much truer to the originals. Dense also than Tangle Eye that previous year on the cd Alan
Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed leavings from the same sources (Alan Lomax historical folk - and blues from the
1930s-50s) developed a similar idea. That Clothesline Revival makes niettemin more impression, comes
because them the most addressing bits from a certain number do not only lift and that in their own music to process, but
in fact simply complete songs with a new instrumentation to provide, and then not particularly one that only now at this
moment logical, but one seem which although unmistakably modern already almost just as timeless is as the original. Music is
always complete difficult adequately into words put, these Clothesline Revival you must really hear to believe because
never rather we heard old music improve geüpdate become.

~ Pieter Wijnstekers