In a previous life Conrad Praetzel archaeologist were. Now he forms revival with Robert Powell the heart of Clothesline
and still is he archaeologist. No longer with shovel and trowell, but with his ears. On the second cd of Clothesline
Revival, entitled Long Gone (Paleo Music), as it happens, old a capella field recordings on a new sonic bed are laid.
All vocals originate from the period 1939-1959, mostly recorded by the widely-acclaimed John Lomax and his
son Alan (distinguished concerning whom recently beautiful, with gouden a calf documentary has been made, but this
terzijde). Unknown names such as Ora Dell Graham, Florence Stamp, Fred Fox Lee and Neil Morris get a second life on
this plate. Praetzel and Powell support the vocals with beats, samples, bass, acoustic and electric guitars.
 Wendy Allen (Boxharp, Court & Spark) adds supporting vocals on a couple songs.
 The result is amazing.  Old, traditional music brought in a "modern" manner instead of contemporary
music, with respect for tradition. Lung Gone
sounds as a long soundtrack of a film concerning American country. "Music has No End" is the last number on the
plate and Clothesline Revival prove that message. (Hugo Vogel)