Long Gone


Clothesline Revival

"What Conrad Praetzel and Robert Powell have done (again), no one has done. These guys are Americana heroes."              
~ Frank Goodman/Pure Music

"music grew like a grapevine that is never pruned" - neil morris

1 Under the Ramp (intro)  - Ray Wood 
2 Morning Train  - E. M. Martin and Pearline Johns   FULL MP3
3  Satisfied  -  Florence Stamp and girls  
4 The Color Song - Lum Wilson "Bill" Jackson & Mrs Myra Pipkin  
5  Shortenin' Bread  - Ora Dell Graham and girls   sample
6 Big Boy, Can’t You Move ‘Em  - “Uncle” Bradley Eberhard   sample
7 Crawdad Song  - Mrs Vernon Allen   sample
8 Strange Things Happening - Charles Haffer Jr. 
9 Trouble About My Soul  - Lillie Knox   sample
10 Down In Arkansas  - Almeda Riddle  
11 All You Rounders Better Lie Down - Fred Fox Lee   sample
12 With His Ole Grey Beard A'Shining  - Pearl Brewer  
13 Music Has No End  - Neil Morris  



NPR’s All Things Considered observed that Clothesline Revival’s first cd, Of My Native Land was “on to something special by re-inventing the roots genre known as Americana”. The group's second release, Long Gone, continues with that re-invention, working entirely with archival field recordings collected throughout the US in the middle of the last century. Arranger and producer, Conrad Praetzel, combines previously recorded a cappella vocals, from blues tunes, ballads, spirituals, skipping rhymes and work songs, with maverick musical treatments, beats and live roots instrumentation. Joined again by his long time musical partner and guitarist, Robert Powell, the results are captivating, untamed, off-beat and deeply moving.




Listen to Conrad Praetzel discuss the making of Long Gone on the Day to Day show on NPR which was aired on the 4th of July 2006.  (Audio)

some quotes about Long Gone....

"Praetzel has gone deeper into the American archive of recorded music than anyone, and his startling juxtapositions reveal a collective view of a century of American music."
                                             ~ Joe Allen, Wax Poetics, Jan '07

"... because of the masterful sound design and ingenious arrangements, what might have simply turned out to be a novelty disc is an unmitigated success. This imaginative reinterpretation of traditional Americana is eccentric, original, deeply soulful and utterly hypnotic. Glory be — do not pass this one by."
                                          ~ Rachel Sanders / Exclaim! / Canada

" ... the sense of invention is never- ending. Their last was good; this is extraordinary."

                                       ~  Chris Nickson / Global Village Idiot










Check out some of the field recording source vocals below

All You Rounder Better Lie Down
(track 11 source)

Lillie Knox (track 9 source)

 Almeda Riddle (track10 source)