Of My Native Land


Clothesline Revival



"Original, funky, rootsy, untamed, fun, deep, off-beat, eclectic and with a sense of wonder - all with a tasteful quirkyness, spiced with the things I love in good music. Bravo!"
              ~ Frank Matheis/WKZE CT

"positive proof that everything old is new again" ~ j poet

1 Ramblin' Man       vocal  TOM ARMSTRONG     sample mp3
2 Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yea      vocal  LEADBELLY 1944    sample mp3
3 Gypsy Laddie      vocals  WENDY ALLEN   sample mp3  
4 Wade in the Water     
  instrumental  FULL MP3
5 My Home Is Not a Home      vocal  TOM ARMSTRONG   sample mp3
6 Bodie      instrumental  sample mp3
7 The One I Love Is Gone      vocals  WENDY ALLEN   sample mp3
8 Little Maggie      vocal  ARIC LEAVITT   sample mp3
9 Story About William Riley Shelton    narration  DOUG WALLIN 
10 The Turtledove      vocal  WENDY ALLEN   sample mp3      
11 Calling Trains      vocal  TRAIN CALLER 1936   sample mp3
12 Pullin' the Skiff      vocal ORA DELL GRAHAM 1940   FULL MP3  
13 My Sweet Love Ain't Around      vocal  TOM ARMSTRONG   sample mp3
14 The Time Has Come     vocal  WENDY ALLEN


Neo-traditionalists Conrad Praetzel and Robert Powell stake out their claim
in the Americana landscape with an eclectic mix of ambient folk and acid/alt
country. Clothesline Revival blends electronic and acoustic beats with
dobro, mandolin, guitars, lap and pedal steel guitar, ebow, atmospherics and
more to create a captivating new sound with an old-time haunting quality.
Included are adaptations of historical field recordings (several recorded by
the legendary American musicologist John A. Lomax) including performances by
Leadbelly, Ora Dell Graham, and an unidentified old train caller. Vocalists
Wendy Allen and Tom Armstrong lend their talents to songs by Hank Williams,
Bill Monroe, Onie Wheeler, Anne Briggs as well as to traditional American
folk songs. Wendy Allen, from North Carolina, is a mesmerizing singer and
interpreter of American roots music, while Tom Armstrong's vocals recall
classic honky- tonk and country crooners of the fifties like Wynn Stewart and
Letfy Frizzel.

Clothesline Revival is ....

CONRAD PRAETZEL on beats, atmospherics, bass, guitar, dobro and mandolin 
and ROBERT POWELL - lap, pedal steel, ebow, bass, baritone and electric guitars

with guest musicians:

MARK FULLER- drums  


JOHN MURPHY- harmonica   



and guest vocalists:



and archival field recording vocals by:




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some quotes about Clothesline Revival's Of My Native Land ....

"In an era where musical appropriation and cross-pollination have become the virtual norm, Praetzel and co. have accomplished something truly unprecedented and wonderful -- and something deeply meaningful to anyone with an appreciation for the American folk tradition."
Jesse Ashlock/epitonic.com

"...a fresh soulful version of Americana."  - Karen Olson/ Utne Reader

"Marrying traditional music from a wide range of sources to maverick musical treatments, loops, beats and samples has produced brilliant offspring." - Frank Goodman/puremusic.com

"...dang-near every track rewards repeated listens, old meeting new in strange, exciting ways." - Ned Hammad/ Tower Pulse! 

"The album Moby should have made instead of Play..."  - Chris Nickson/Seattle Weekly

"...positive proof that everything old is new again."     - j. poet/ Paste Magazine



Leadbelly's source vocal



Ora Dell Graham source vocal