Between Present and Past
Conrad Praetzel
"Timeless...truly one flight up!

"I'm guessing most of today's music will always sound like 1989.  However, this production is different."
~ Robert Carlberg /Electronic Musician Magazine    

"If there is any magic... it is music" ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

1 Mistress and Men   FULL MP3
2 Fish That Walk on Land  
3 Waiting at the Tower
4 The Whispering Knights
5 Forest of Dreams
6 Within the Empty Ballroom
7 Stone Circles
8 In the Same Forest
9 Siren's Song
10 Prayer Flags
11 Pull Down the Webs
12 Another Road

Top 10 List Electronic Musician 1989

"Praetzel's work proves that not all great productions come from big labels.  It's nice to see something as fresh as this come along."
-Ben Kettlewell, WOMR Boston