Long Gone


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Of My Native Land



North Bay Bohemian "Two Worlds Collide" / Richard von Busack / 2003

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fRoots (UK) Global Village Idiot / Ben Kettlewell / March 2003

Puremusic  / Frank Goodman  / December 2002 / Jesse Ashlock/ 2002

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Splendid Magazine / Evanston Wade / December 2002

Figgle / Steve Reynolds / December 2002

Almost Cool Music /Aaron Coleman  / December 2002

Epitonic  /  Jesse Ashlock / October 2002





Conrad Praetzel with Sukhawat Ali Khan and Robert Powell




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The Beat/Bob Tarte/Technobeat  1999


Conrad Praetzel




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Myths and Memories

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Between Present and Past

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