The Greatest Show on Mars


Clothesline Revival

Coming soon to a planet near you!



Clothesline Revival now has it's own
website which can be found here.


1 O Happy Land  sample
2 March of the Cosmic Puppets  sample
3 Steal Away   FULL MP3
4 The Last Train From Pluto  sample
5 Not Have No Spot   FULL MP3
6 The Electric Ant   sample
7 Leather Britches   sample
8 Barnum's Boogie   sample
9 Barrel of Feathers   sample
10 A Mysterious Light   sample
11 Olympus Mons   sample
12 Move Up  sample
13 Cosmic Puppets Revisited  sample



Never known to have performed before any live audiences on Earth, Clothesline Revival received an exclusive invitation to join an interplanetary circus on a mission to become the first musicians from Earth to entertain Martian colonists. Their range of untamed, rootsy renditions of the blues, original instrumentals, eclectic spirituals, tender ballads and strange tales delighted Martian audiences. This audio recording documents Clothesline Revival's experiences with The Greatest Show On Mars and provides Earth audiences an opportunity to experience the wonder of it all. Clothesline Revival's music has received critical acclaim on Mars and is a favorite of NPR programming.